Stephen Jones:

Commercial Aircraft Sales:

Captain Dave has such an extensive piloting background that we won't be able to fit it all in.  From Gulfstream executive jets to most of the Boeing 727s, 737s, and 747s.  Lockheed Jet Star, Hawker 125s/800XPs, and you name it in between.  TSA Instructor, FAA TCE, Check Airman, FAA Transport Pilot for all Boeing 737 Models. FAA Flight Engineer for Turbo Prop/Turbo Jet. World-wide experience, including   Flight Department set-up and operational control.  Captain Dave leads our team for all 'Ferry Flights.'

I Specialize In:

I Specialize In:

Executive Jet Sales:

Stephen holds two Master degrees in Management & Finance from the University of West Florida and the Naval Postgraduate School. His professional experiences span Foreign Military Sales (FMS), defense financial management, acquisitions, and contracting. FAA ratings include: Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single Engine Land, Airplane Multi-Engine Land, Rotorcraft-Helicopter, Instrument Airplane, Instrument Helicopter, FAA First-Class Medical, Bell 206, Sikorsky S-65, and the Lockheed L-382.

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Robert F. Luke:


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Dean A. Kantis:

Captain "Dave" Lewis:

Charles can assist you in defining and evolving your aviation business, Part 135 Charter Company and/or Part 61/141 Flight School.  Charles offers 'Aviation Coaching, Marketing & Consulting' ideas that enhance your existing aviation platforms and will get you to where you need to go quickly!  Whether you are looking for non-existent marketing ideas or need Charles to lend a helping hand for "brainstorming" sessions, Charles will quickly elevate your aviation business model to the first level or to the highest levels!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed:

MicroJetNetwork is proud to be one of the officially licensed aviation consulting brokerages in the USA and is also internationally recognized to conduct business abroad.  That means that MJN can work on both domestic and international aircraft purchases and sales.  MJN handles all du-diligence in order to determine which aircraft is the best fit for each client.  MJN also handles the drafting of the proper Letter of Intent, gets discounted rates on escrow agents, and will walk you through all steps to insure that every aircraft closing goes through seamlessly, on time, and at or under client budget!

Aviation Expertise:

In addition to running all aspects of MJN, Dean has spent well over $1 million dollars, 10,000 hours, and has over 10 years invested in the company database, which Kantis says "Is Like No Other In The World!" Why? Because it consists of over 50,000 emails specifically aviation purchasers, sellers, and professionals. This data "matches" clients with 100,000 aircraft companies, operators, managers, mentor pilots, ferry flight crews, pre-purchase inspection personnel, catering  companies, and ground transportation companies to yield the most efficient aviation customer solutions available!

I Specialize In:

Having completed over $250 million worth of aviation transactions consisting of private jets, commercial airliners, and ACMI - Dry Leases, have reassurance that MJN is  a leading expert in the aircraft industry and will guarantee your aviation success!  How you ask?  From designing  creative ad campaigns, catered specifically to attracting specific buyers, to getting funded offers with legitimate escrow agents based in Oklahoma City, USA, and then to scheduling pre--purchase inspections, technical acceptance, log and maintenance reviews, and successfully closing. MJN guaranties your success!

Founder/CEO, Dean Andrew Kantis, started MicroJetNetwork in 2007 by offering both buyers and sellers of light, medium, and heavy jets the best brokerage value when purchasing or selling their aircraft.  Since then, Kantis has personally sold over $250 million worth of executive & commercial business jets.  MJN is now considered a leading expert  in the field of aviation brokerage.  Chances are, that at some point you have either flown in or have seen an aircraft that was purchased or sold by MJN!

About Our Company:

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Ferry Flight/Flight Department:

Erik hails from Kansas City and has a Undergraduate degree in Air Traffic Management and Masters in Business Admin & Finance from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Erik can quickly solve the question for you of whether it's best for you to 'Charter' or 'Purchase' based on your aircraft needs. Too many times we have seen buyer's remorse with other clients that bought the wrong aircraft for their missions.  We want to make sure that you don't.  After meeting with Erik, you will know for sure!

Business Development:

Erik Norburg:

Since about 5% of aviation professionals choose to purchase their own aircraft, that leaves about 95% choosing to charter various aircraft and/or take first class commercial flights.  MJN specializes in helping those interested sellers or buyers decide whether or not it's more cost effective and proficient to 'Purchase' or to 'Charter.'  That's where Erik's expertise and aviation tenure comes in!  MJN can provide a full financial comparison so that you can decide what makes the best value. 

Strategic Military/Offsets:

MJN offers many growth possibilities for your existing Part 135 Charter Company, Part 61/141 Flight School, or other Aviation interests.  Whether you are wanting to start an aviation concept from scratch, or you wish to instead purchase a portion of an existing aviation success, or even purchase an entire aviation business model complete with full clientele, Charles Winson is your man for the job.  With a passion for marketing & strategic business growth, Charles will pinpoint the best opportunity to match your aviation needs!

MJN ventured into the commercial, airliner, regional airliner, cargo markets for purchase and ACMI/Dry leases back in 2013.  Since, MJN has become a recognized name for finding and providing quality-used commercial airliners, part-out candidates, engines, and even fleet buyouts.  Having completed successful sales of Boeing 737 aircraft and regional Bombardier CRJ aircraft to countries and government contractors, MJN has proven success in this competitive & tricky growing market of aviation!

MJN offers you many options and creative solutions when booking a 'Ferry Flight' for your next executive jet purchase or your commercial airliner that must have a "pre-purchase inspection."  It all starts with a concise, well thought out, and  cost effective strategy created by Captain Dave.  Whether your purchase involves a "pre-purchase inspection" in the USA or abroad, chances are, Captain Dave has done one in the country where it is needed and immediately will provide the most proficient means possible!

Robert Luke oversees the entire commercial, airliner, regional airliner and cargo department at MJN. Robert has earned the nickname, 'Master Luke,' and for good reason. Not only did Robert earn his Master's Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, but he possess the patience and charisma that is omnipotent in order to get the transactions done!  Robert will exceed your expectations and you will find yourself calling Robert in order to get his hypothesis of the commercial markets next time you sell, lease out, buy or lease!

Charles Winson:

On occasions, MJN is asked to assist government contractors for international aviation projects that cross country lines and even involve the country's own aviation departments and own military and air force. When such opportunities present, we look to Captain Stephen Jones to bring his background and tenure to these opportunities which we call 'International Offset Credits.' Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge, tenure, and military experience for such projects!